Infosheet and event program


Standard Duration of an IFSC World Cup shall be 2 days. Schedule shall be sent to the IFSC (refer to Global Timeline) for approval.

No more than 2 rounds of competition per category shall be organised in the same day.

In case of a World Cup hosting 3 disciplines or only Speed, the duration of the event can be adjusted in coordination with the IFSC.

Calendar fee might be adjusted accordingly.

Information Sheet

The communication prior the event play a key role on the preparation of the event. The Infosheet is the document used from the EO and IFSC to transmit all the necessary information to the stakeholders. Here you can find an example of infosheet from the previous years. 

The Event Organizer shall take care of providing general information such as the:

  • Competition schedules
  • Travel information
  • Visa information and assistance process
  • Event Organizer and IFSC Official names and contact details

    All the above information shall be provided through an information sheet, made ready to the IFSC Technical Delegate as for global timeline. There is a maximum of 10 EO's sponsor logos displayed in this document.

This schedule can be revised by the IFSC Technical Delegate and a final brief shall be done the day before the Event start and presenting the precise sequence of the following: 

  • Opening Ceremony 
  • Final rounds
  • Award Ceremony 
  • Closing Ceremony 
  • Program for any receptions

This sequence shall describe how all aspect of the Event and participating stakeholders (Lights, Speaker…) shall act during the ceremonies and key presentation moment of the Event. 

Please note that the TD has final authority on the schedule of the event. In case of problems during the competitions (i.e bad weather) or for whatever relevant reasons, he/she has the authority to change the schedule accordingly.