Media Management

Online Media Accreditation Platform

Media personnel must be registered on the IFSC Media Accreditation Platform, available here. Only Media who have obtained an accreditation through the IFSC Media Accreditation Platform may be granted access to IFSC World Cups.

The Event Organiser is responsible for providing the different types of accreditation as determined by the IFSC. Click 
here to see the different types of accreditation with the associated permissible access and zones.



Media Codes of Conduct

Media, and especially TV Crews and Photographers, must adhere to the IFSC Codes of Conduct. The Codes of Conduct have been written to provide athletes and officials with a safe and comfortable environment to complete their roles and take into account media and broadcasting rights. Please check here the IFSC Event Media Policy 


Media Representatives Expenses

In the event that media representatives from outside the hosting country wish to attend an IFSC World Cup and request financial assistance, the financial burden is to distributed between the IFSC and the Event Organiser. Given that both parties see the benefit of hosting the media representatives, both parties will make a strong effort to cover the expenses. In this situation, the IFSC will pay for the travel costs between the media representative’s country and the event country. The Event Organiser will pay for meals and accommodation and other expenses on site. This agreement can be reached for a maximum 3 media representatives per World Cup.


Press Jackets

All Press Personnel who have access to the media corridor and any elevated spaces must wear a distinctive coloured jacket with the word “Press” on the back. Different colours of Press jackets shall be made available for different groups of media/press representatives, in accordance with the media rights granted to them. The Event Organiser will provide sufficient number of these jackets.

TV: Blue Jacket

Photographers: Yellow Jacket

Journalists and media reporting on the event without access to the media corridor are not required to wear additional jackets. HOWEVER, if the mixed zone is not separated from the media corridor, these journalists must also be provided with a jacket. It is suggested that these jackets should be an additional colour (preferably red).

Jackets for the event shall be marked with relevant information about the event, for instance the IFSC logo, the Event Organiser logo, and/or the Event Logo in order to prevent media from bringing their own jackets.


Managing specific Photographers/Broadcasters’ requests

The Photographers/Broadcasters may only access the Media Area as described in the section “Media Area”.

Under no circumstances shall Broadcasters/Photographers or any other non-authorised personnel be permitted to enter the Field of Play area except with the specific approval of the Technical Delegate.

Photographers/Broadcasters shall not operate from the top of the wall.

Photographers/Broadcasters shall be allowed to use a cherry-picker/lift only if these ones are properly secured.

Photographers/Broadcasters may only be allowed into the isolation zone (but not in the transit zone) with the specific permission of the Technical Delegate in accordance with the Jury President. Whilst in the isolation zone, each Broadcaster/Photographer must be accompanied and supervised by an Event Organiser’s Official to ensure that the security of the isolation zone is maintained at all times and that competitors do not suffer any unwanted interference or distraction.

It is required to have volunteers strictly managing the access to the Media Area during the duration of the competition. Note that the Media Area is intended for media only and should not be used for volunteers, coaches or other personnel. If the media corridor is to be shared with Coaches or Team Managers, this must be indicated in the Field of Play drawings and the width of the corridor must take this into account.



TV Rights Policy

The IFSC has released a TV Rights Policy in order to clarify the Broadcasters rights in terms of filming and use of IFSC footage. This is available here