Pre-visit and follow - up of the candidature

To assure and guarantee the constant improvement of the World Cup circuit, we would like to establish a close cooperation pre–event with the National Federations and EO. The aim is to improve the general quality of the IFSC product. Higher prevention and cooperation with our National Federations will allow us to provide a better service to the Athletes, the public and all the stakeholders. In this perspective, we propose to evaluate the new candidatures for 2018 season with a visit from the IFSC delegation. This visit, and the consequent follow–up during the organization process would be helpful from both sides to understand if there are the preconditions for a solid cooperation. The expenses for the pre - visit are already included into IFSC fees (see section 5). 

The new candidatures are defined as:

- National Federations which have not hosted a World Cup in the past three years

Please note that, given the range of applications that the IFSC received, the SD could decide to implement the evaluation visit for other extraordinary cases as well, where it is considered necessary in order to assure the good preparation of the event.

The candidates might also invites the IFSC for an evaluation visit.

Demand shall be made in writing and be motivated by a serious cause, bringing value to the evaluation process. The IFSC Sport Department remain free to refuse the visit. 

In such case: 

-  If approved, the cost of travel, accommodation and approved inspection fee shall be paid by the Event Organizer applying to organize the event.

-  Such inspection can only happen before the closing of the application period for events. 

-  Such inspection gives no guarantee regarding the acceptation of the application by the IFSC Sport Department.