2. World Cups

IFSC World Cups

The IFSC is therefore the final authority concerning IFSC events inserted on the World Cup circuit. 

As such, the IFSC is the body responsible for: 

  • Receiving applications
  • Approving those applications that it deems in the interest of Sport Climbing and which it assesses as being organizationally and financially viable
  • Controlling all technical and other aspects of the sport
  • Promoting the Events through its calendar

Unless specified otherwise, the mention World Cup refers to a circuit of World Cup competition for Lead, Speed, Boulder.

Application to the World Cup are done on an annual basis unless the Event Organizer concluded a long term agreement with the IFSC. For such kind of agreement please contact the IFSC 

World Cup Calendar

The World Cup has specific period defined for each of it the disciplines.

a. Season for Bouldering comprises April, May, June and July

b. Season for Lead comprises July, August, September, October and November

c. Season for Speed comprises April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November

The maximum number of World Cups per disciplines is defined in the IFSC Rules 

In addition, the following calendar principles shall be respected in order to respect the Athletes' rest: 

  • No more that 3 World Cups in a row and a minimum of 15 days between transcontinental travels.


Please check the section "IFSC fees" to understand the timeline regarding payment of fees and signature of agreements between the parts.
Non-respect of the mentioned deadlines can lead to event cancellation by the IFSC.
Non-respect of the requirements expressed inside this document can lead to event cancellation by the IFSC, at any time.
Acceptation of events on the IFSC calendar cannot happen if the National Federation has outstanding debts with the IFSC.