3. Preparation of the IFSC World Cup

When organising an Event, the IFSC and the Event Organizer shall maintain the following objectives:

  • Provide Athletes a fair but challenging Field of Play
  • Give opportunity to Local community and Event Organizer to draw benefit from the event hosting
  • Offer spectators and inspiring and the high quality of sport show
  • Ensure that Broadcasters and Media promote Sport Climbing via producing film, images and reports
  • Ensure that Sponsors draw benefit from supporting a Sport Climbing Event.

    The Global timeline is the fundamental document which clarifies the division of responsibility between IFSC and EO, during the preparation of a World Cup. The timing of the different steps is also expressed, as well as a short description of the duties.  

In addition and on a more practical perspective the IFSC and the Event Organizer shall follow the regulations described hereinafter on:  

  1. Venue's Facilites 
  2. Safety
  3. Scoring
  4. Human resources
  5. Media, marketing and sponsorship
  6. Webcasting and Broadcasting
  7. Budget and financial consideration
  8. Global Event Preparation Timeline
  9. Event schedule and Ceremonies

The Venue's facilities represent the following areas necessary for the good running of the event:

  1. Field of Play (FOP) 
  2. Back of the House (BOH)
  3. Audience area 
  4. Media area
  5. IFSC webcasting crew area

When a Technical Delegate is appointed by the IFSC his authority falls on the above areas. 

Access to the above areas with the exception of the audience areas should be restricted to authorized persons.

The Venue can also comprise side activities areas, such as promotion and commercial booths, restaurant and bars, sport initiation. 

Such areas are out of the Technical Delegate’s authority unless they impact the good running of the event.

The Event Organizer shall provide the venue and the facilities in accordance with the national and international regulations governing these facilities.

Objective of these areas are described on their specific sections.