6. Additional IFSC services

It is the responsibility of the IFSC, as world governing body for all aspects of international competition climbing to manage the administrative tasks pertaining to the coordination of the IFSC Event. 

This comprises the publication of several official information and some necessary tasks for the good running of the IFSC Events.

Calendar of Event 

The IFSC shall ensure that the Calendar of IFSC Event is published in accordance with the event regulation and up do date.

For matters concerning the organization of events, the IFSC body in charge is the IFSC Sport Department

Its tasks are as follows:

1. Develop and issue documentations related to: Applications to organize events as well as IFSC regulations over event organization, and manage the enquiries related to the events

2. Receive and deal with all applications for organizing IFSC Event and enter into agreement with the Event Organizer for the purpose of the good running of the event.

3. Manage the administration regarding the Athletes and the IFSC Events especially event results, official rankings, as well as other official information.

4. Deliver services to the Event Organizer as per the Agreement with it. This comprises

    • Officials appointment 
    • Assistance to organization 
    • Make available tools
    • Deliver promotion and communication related services

The Calendar published on the IFSC Website is the only reference for what regards the IFSC Events

Please find here the IFSC Calendar

Results and Rankings

The IFSC shall also make sure the results of the IFSC Events are displayed on its website , as soon as they are made available by the IFSC Result system or the result system of Event Organizer.

Please find here the IFSC Results and Rankings


The IFSC shall ensure the Event Organizers that international Athletes have the possibility to register and participate to the IFSC Events. 

Registration procedure might differ according the type of Event and the type of results system.


An IFSC official photographer will be in attendance at each event.

The pictures will be displayed on IFSC communications tools (website, social media, printed documents, etc.) and available for free to all journalists (on the IFSC Flicker page following the competition).

If the Event Organizer wishes to use these pictures for another purpose than sending them to journalists for free use, it will seek the permission of the IFSC in advance.