Audience Area

Audience Areas

Audience areas shall be established in agreement with national and international regulations. 

Access to disabled people shall be arranged.

The audience area shall be made of the following areas:

  • General Audience
  • Climber and Teams area (different than Team Officials zone, and for non participating Athletes and Team Officials, can be restricted to these groups) 
  • VIP Area
A World Cup venue shall comprise:
-  A sound system used for a speaker to address audience and to play entertaining music.
-  A Light system used to emphasise the climbing performance.

The Event Organiser shall ensure that a video screen of a sufficient size for the venue audience showing both the progress of each athlete and the current ranking of the leading athlete is installed for the duration of the competition. The IFSC will provide the software that will ensure the displaying of all the above-mentioned information. When live images are shown on a Video-board during the event, the EO will provide two screens: 

-  One for the result (Scoreboard)
-  One for the images (Video - board)

Complete description of the audience area can be founded here

The Event Organiser is responsible to display a clear and visible panel sign, at the entrance of the venue, stating the following:
1) "The audience accessing the event may appear in event-related images and videos and waive the right to privacy" (or similar remark)
2)  "The audience accessing the event may be exposed to noise levels which could damage the hearing, and earplugs are available at the ticketing counter" (or similar remark)