Field of Play (FOP)

Field Of Play (FOP)

The FOP is defined as the area for the sporting competition plus the immediate and surrounding support areas at which a boundary separates from the other areas.

FOP and walls design shall be sent to the IFSC prior to the competition (refer global timeline) for approval.

The FOP for Sport Climbing includes the following but not only:


  • Climbing wall with holds as well as the floor covered by mattresses
NOTE on Climbing holds: The list of the Climbing holds available shall be sent to the IFSC Chief Route Setter 3 months prior to the competition. The IFSC reserve itself the right to trigger the purchase of some additional holds shall this list is not sent on time or the Event Organiser do not give certainty regarding the required holds. 
The Chief route Setter will select these holds in the IFSC Pool of holds and costs will be re-invoiced to the Event Organiser.
For details regarding the holds required please refer to the Route Setters Check-list

  • A Transit zone visually separated from, but adjacent to the climbing wall and - possibly - the Isolation zone/warm-up area, where, prior to his/her attempt the athlete finalise his preparation. The athlete and his belayers must remain until called upon to cross the starting gate  enter the Field of Play and start the attempt. 
  • Starting Gate at exit of the transit zone and visible to the audience.
  • Mixed Zone: consist of two adjacent zones: an after climbing zone visible from the audience with a restricted access to athletes having finished their performance and a meeting zone, visible from the audience with a restricted access to accredited persons (Officials, Media, Teams).
  • The receiving space, for climbers coming down from the walls, which can also be used to settle the podium and the podium backdrop.
  • Jury area, which shall be immediately front to the wall, though respecting a security distance used for Athletes falling / being brought down by belayers
  • Team Officials zone (immediately adjacent to the Jury area zone), restricted to the Team Officials having athletes participating in the round.
  • Photographers and Camera zones defined by the IFSC Technical Delegate and the Event Organisers. 
  • The perimeter banners.
  • The ceremonies can also be run on the FOP.

For a complete written description of the FOP, please refer to the FOP description and the Event Branding.

Please note that a complete illustration and preparation of the FOP layout should be sent to the IFSC prior to the event (refer to Global Event Preparation Timeline). 

For a complete technical description of the different climbing walls, please refer to the Climbing Wall Requirements and with regards to Speed competitions, to the Speed Licence Rules on the website.