IFSC webcasting crew area

The EO shall provide a space for the IFSC video production crew. The space must be large enough for two desks, 4 screens and additional equipment. The desk should be no further than 15 meters from the wall, and it shall be placed in a restricted access zone. The webcasting crew need to have the timer directly linked with the production table. Please note that platforms need to be arranged, in order to place the cameras of the webcasting crew. 

In case of outdoor events, a warm and dry sheltered area should be provided in order to protect the equipments from the weather elements (e.g. rain) and to allow the crew to be warm while editing and uploading files."

The EO shall also provide the space for the commentators. The space will have a good view on the FOP, a desk and enough light to illuminate the commentators and co - commentators. 

Equipment and technical assistance : 

For the complete description of the TV crew equipment, please check the Webcasting Manual

Electricity system sufficient to accommodate all the above + back-up electrical power source should be provided.
Internet connection:  the Webcasting connection shall be independent from the other and be effective from 24 hours before the event to 10 hours after the event. Please check the Webcasting Manual for all the details.