Opening and awarding ceremony

Opening and closing

Opening ceremony for World Cup is not mandatory. However, if any, the formal Opening Ceremony takes place on the day of the first heat and should be held without an entertainment component.

Event Organiser shall be aware that all Athletes, unless specifically authorized by the IFSC Technical Delegate, shall attend the opening ceremony.

Failure to observe this regulation shall make the competitor liable to a 'Yellow Card' sanction.

Award Ceremony 

Awarding ceremony must be provided as a formal conclusion of the IFSC World Cup.

The Award Ceremony at the end of the competition, which shall be organized immediately after the final heats, shall comply with the usual IOC protocol for such events. Differently from the IOC protocol, English is the only mandatory language for the IFSC ceremonies, with other languages as warranted or desired. 

National anthem playing and raising flags ceremonies are mandatory.

It is strongly recommended that the organiser conducts a rehearsal of the award ceremony prior to the competition in order to test all the possible problems

During the final rounds the Event Organiser is advised to implement a “leader corner”.

In case the Award Ceremony is staggered later than immediately after the final round, a “Presentation of the Podium” or similar pre-award ceremony shall be organized immediately after the last climber performance.

Only items listed in the IOC protocol shall be displayed during the official award ceremony and consequently, commercial displays are forbidden. However, the “presentation of the podium” offers both athletes and the EO a greater margin of flexibility during this time (i.e presentation of shoes, flags, commercial items).

In any case all award ceremonies schedule shall be approved by the IFSC.

Paraclimbing ceremony 

Please note that Paraclimbing awarding ceremony follows a different regulation, it should be checked here

Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony is not compulsory for World cups. If any, the Closing Ceremony normally will take place immediately after the Medal Awarding Ceremony. The following persons in the following order normally give speeches:
-  The IFSC President or his representative 
-  The Mayor or Head of the City where the event is held
-  The President of the Organising Federation

Social Events

All social events held in connection with the event are to be included in the contract between the IFSC and the Event Organiser. Any such sporting or cultural or entertainment events will require the approval of the IFSC in advance of the competition.