Together with the Event Organiser, the IFSC must ensure that climbing competitions are ideal communication platforms for commercial sponsors. All commercial sponsors shall be displayed in accordance with the Event BrandingTaking this into consideration, the Event Organiser will pay particular attention to the following points: 

• Strict respect of marketing rights allocation 

• Qualitative choice and professional display of branding elements on the Field of Play and in the venue 

• Proper display of sponsors logos on all communication materials related to IFSC Event. 

As the owner of the event rights, the IFSC will guarantee each of its partners a visibility/presence on its events through, among others, logo placement, gobos, videos, booths, animations, etc. The implementation of these rights will not generate any additional costs to the IFSC or its sponsor(s).


Sponsors Exclusivity:

To allow the IFSC and the Event Organiser to involve as many commercial sponsors as possible on IFSC events, the main sponsorship principles are based on non-exclusivity.  However, if one of the Parties has an opportunity to sign an exclusive sponsorship deal in one specific category and there is no conflicting sponsorship agreement on the other side, that Party will be able to sign the sponsorship deal with that sponsor. The IFSC and the Event Organiser will mention the list of provisional sponsors at the end of this paragraph. After signature of the EOH, the IFSC and the Event Organiser will inform each other before signing a deal with a new sponsor. The engagement of tobacco and alcohol companies as sponsors (brands above 20 percentage alcohol) is not permitted by the IFSC for any Event. 


Countdown Clock:

If any, IFSC time keeping sponsor has priority in the advertising on the countdown clock. The surface of the logo shall be maximum equal to the clock surface, wherever the clock is displayed (wall, giant screen...). The Countdown Clock should be located visible to the spectators and camera crew (either broadcasters and/or webcast crew).


Event Organiser’s sponsors promotion on IFSC Live Webcasting: 

The IFSC retains all marketing rights connected to the Webcasting of Events (advertising space, clips and other), as well as related revenues. However, the Event Organiser will be permitted to have the sponsors of their choice shown on the Live streaming. The Event Organiser's sponsors logos (maximum 5) will be inserted on the generic logo board of Live Webcasting production to be displayed at the beginning of the Live Webcasting. All Event Organiser's sponsors logos must be sent to IFSC in high-resolution electronic format before the event, refer to Global Timeline.

Gobos on the walls :

Both the Event Organiser and the IFSC can use gobos to display sponsors logos on the wall. However it should not interfere with the athletes on the wall and thus can only be used when there is no athlete on the surface.

List of IFSC Sponsors for 2019 (as of January 21st, 2019 - may evolve)

The sponsors below are NOT subject to exclusivity on the Event:

- Kailas (Safety gears, Ropes and Apparel)

- Entre-Prises (Climbing Walls)

- JAL (Airline company)

- Luxov (Connected Holds/Climbing)

- Perfect Descent (Auto Belay)


The sponsors below are subject to exclusivity on the Event:

- Earth (pesticides, repellents, fertilizers, soil for seed planting and herbicides, for household)


The categories/sponsors below are subject to exclusivity on the Event, subject to validation with the EO:

- Audio Visual Equipment,Home Appliances & Electric bicycle (Panasonic)

- Network and communications

- Automobile

- Consumer products

- Timing

-  Real Estate (Mitsui Fudosan)