Web Broadcasting

The IFSC is the exclusive owner of all rights pertaining to all IFSC World Cups.

The IFSC nominates a service provider for the filming and Broadcasting and/or Web Broadcasting of the World Cups.

The IFSC will coordinate the provision of Broadcasting/Web Broadcasting services to the Event Organiser through its service provider for Live and delayed Streaming, and will give the Event Organiser direct access to the production and technical crews prior to the Event.

The Event Organiser will provide free access to the IFSC's nominated provider as well as all reasonable assistance to ensure a professional coverage of all aspects of the competition.

The Event Organiser is required to provide some facilities and equipment to accommodate the IFSC provider, please check the IFSC webcasting crew Area and the Webcasting Manual. Please note that in the manual are specified the additional equipment needed for events outside Europe. 

The IFSC will manage the Broadcasting/Web Broadcasting in the interest of both parties, with the aim of promoting Sport Climbing and the Event. In this perspective, and if applicable, the Event Organiser will seek to embed the IFSC Live Webcasting to any appropriate web platform. The Event Organiser will seek agreement of the IFSC one month before the event at the latest. The IFSC will then advise protocol.