International event promotion

Press releases and other press information 

The IFSC provides information about the Event on worldwide. While the IFSC writes and distributes Press Releases related to all Events, it requires accurate and prompt information from the Event Organiser to do so. 

Specifically, the IFSC will issue a Press Release both before and after the Event. The IFSC will send these Press Releases to its international media database and to all National Federations. The National Federations will then be able to translate them and send them to their national medias.

Following the Event, IFSC will send the Event Organiser an international press review compiled via an online platform. In order to have a complete international press review, the Event Organiser will send to the IFSC all information about national coverage and national press clippings (with digital copies) related to the Event.


IFSC Photographer

An IFSC official Photographer will be in attendance at each IFSC event. For larger events (100+ athletes), the IFSC reserves the right to send more than one Photographer, in addition to an assistant to aid the official Photographer(s). 

Photographs supplied by the official Photographer shall be displayed on IFSC digital communications platforms (e.g. website, social media), with free access to journalists for online editorial use relating to the event only. Following the event, the photographs will be available through the IFSC Flickr page. 

Should the Event Organiser wish to use said photographs for any other purpose, they must seek permission from the IFSC in advance. 

The IFSC official Photographer benefits from additional access rights, allowing him/her to take photographs at the bottom of the wall (receiving stage), as well as operating from the top of the wall if fully secured. 

The Event Organiser Photographer access should be equivalent to that of the IFSC official Photographer.

The Event Organiser must guarantee a safe and comfortable working environment for the IFSC official Photographer, including fair treatment equal to that of the Event Organiser Photographer, high speed internet connection and an editing room. 

The Event Organiser photographer access should be equivalent to the IFSC photographer.

IFSC Video Production (Webcasting) Crew

The IFSC Video Production Crew is responsible for the LIVE streaming of events, the creation of replays, highlights and overviews as well as short features. 

The IFSC Video Production Crew will LIVE webcast all the rounds of the Olympic Qualifying Event, for both genders. 

Each LIVE broadcast and replay will show a short clip featuring footage of the host area or city. 

To ensure that the IFSC Video Production Crew will be able to complete their work, the Event Organiser is required to provide the material and assistance included on the Webcasting Manual. As well as specific facilities described on section "IFSC webcasting crew area". 

For more information on the rights pertaining to the Web broadcasting content please see "Web Broadcasting" section.

IFSC digital media

The IFSC will communicate before, during, and after the World Cups on its website and its social media. 

In order to offer premium exposure to the Olympic Qualifying Event, the IFSC will create a specific section within the IFSC website to promote the event. 

In order to do this effectively, the IFSC requires the Event Organiser to provide information before the beginning of the event. 

At a minimum, this should include:

•         Event Infosheet

•         National event website address

•         Any relevant social media platform names (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as applicable) 

Also appreciated would be:

•         Short presentation of the event

•         Press releases sent to national media

•         Official teaser video of the event

•         Pictures of the ongoing preparation

•         Communication about promotional activity

IFSC Marketing Report

The IFSC provides a Marketing Report after the Event. This Report aims at providing detailed information on the international promotion of the Event including statistics on social media, media, webcasting, broadcasting, branding, etc. It also helps to provide relevant information to current and potential sponsors.