The IFSC is the full owner of all the marketing rights belonging to the event. In exchange, the IFSC is transferring to JMSCA a total amount of 400 000 $. This amount needs to be invested by JMSCA for the preparation of the event.


Therefore, the display of any commercial materials at the event, or in relation to the event, is regulated by the IFSC. IFSC is the sole owner of marketing rights and the association of commercial brands not-validated by the IFSC to the event is forbidden.  

All commercial sponsors shall be displayed in accordance with the IFSC regulation and decisions. Taking this into consideration, the Event Organiser will pay particular attention to the following points: 

1.  Strict respect of marketing rights allocation 

2.  Qualitative choice and professional display of branding elements on the Field of Play and in the venue 

3.  Proper display of sponsors logos on all communication materials related to IFSC Event. 

As the owner of the event rights, the IFSC will guarantee each of its partners a visibility/presence on its events through, among others, logo placement, gobos, videos, booths, animations, etc. The implementation of these rights will not generate any additional costs to the IFSC or its sponsor(s).