Human resources


The Event Organi
zer must assign a team to run the operation pertaining to the Event preparation. The work conditions of this team are autonomously decided by the local organised. The number of people and their competences should be coherent to guarantee the running the competition under IFSC World Cup standards. The Event Organiser team shall be composed of higly skilled and english fluent personnel for each position. Team Members working or volunteering at the event must wear an identifying uniform 

In order to ensure a good level of coordination between the IFSC and the Event Organiser teams, the Event Organiser shall provide contact details such as phone, fax, email, mobile numbers, for management personnel.

IFSC Team and Officials: appointment

The IFSC single point of contact will be the IFSC Sport Department and more specifically the IFSC Sport Director and/or the Event Coordinator (Contact details can be found at the end of this document) assisted by Office and the Communications Director.

In addition, the IFSC may nominate, the following officers and/or officials to assist the Event Organiser in the event preparation and running.

  • Technical Delegate
  • Branding and Marketing manager
  • Media manager
  • Webcasting manager
  • Chief route Setter and Route Setters
  • Jury President
  • Judge(s)

    IFSC will cover travel expenses, meals (up to 35 EUR per day) and accommodation (up to 75 EUR per night) in an hotel corresponding to standards defined below. The Event Organiser will arrange the accommodation in a close to venue (15 min maximum by any means) three star hotel or equivalent. Please note that if the amount for accommodation and meals will be higher than the maximum established above , the difference will be covered by the Event Organiser. 

    Please check the description of responsibilities and roles of IFSC and EO team here