Other expenses

In addition to the IFSC fees, other budget items shall be considered for the Event from the Event Organiser. These are listed below but comprises mostly:

  • All costs associated with organizing and running the Event
  • The provision and award of prize money and trophies
  • Anti - doping tests 
  • Hospitality cost for some IFSC officers


Prize Money

The event organiser is responsible for the payment of prize money for the athletes ranked according to the table below. The amount below represent the total per Category, per disciplines (Lead, Boulder, Speed). The amount below are equal for Women and Men.

The Event Organizer must ensure all prize money is net of any local taxes. The amount is net and therefore represent what the Athletes must receive.

The amount does not include taxes applicable for host National Federation which in any case are to be borne by the Event Organiser.


 Amount for 2020 


 3 838 EUR


 2 424 EUR


 1 414 EUR


 909 EUR


 606 EUR


 404 EUR


303 EUR


202 EUR


 10 100 EUR










1. The prize money are by default subject to a 5% increase per year; however, some other adjustment may implement by the IFSC, the table above is the reference.

2. Higher amount maybe proposed by the Event Organiser only after the approval of the IFSC.

The Event Organizer must ensure all prize money is net of any local taxes.

In case the Event Organiser is using a bank transfer to pay the prize money to the athletes, the amount shall be transferred no later than month following the award ceremony day.

The information will be stated in the pre-event information sheet so Athletes can prepare bank account information (IBAN and BIC). 

In case the Event Organiser is using cash or checks to pay the prize money to the athletes, the amount shall be available to the athletes immediately after the award ceremony.

Hospitality expenses of IFSC Officers

The IFSC maintains the right to use the event for meetings and/or representation. 
The IFSC will inform the Event Organiser in advance about the staff attending the event.
The Event Organiser will provide a access accreditation for IFSC staff and VIP.
The Event Organiser might also be requested to ensure airport pick-up and drop-off. 
The Event Organiser is responsible to provide free accommodation for the IFSC President, ensuring a three stars hotel minimum standard.

Anti - doping test 

The Event Organiser shall arrange for anti-doping tests to be carried out in compliance with the national regulations governing international sport in their country, the IOC Medical Code, and the IFSC Anti-Doping Rules (available on the IFSC website).

At a minimum, all winners of IFSC events will be subject to anti-doping tests. In addition, post competition testing will be required for any world record in Speed. The Event Organiser is responsible to request and plan the additional tests for Speed. In case the world record is held, the expenses for the test will be borne by the IFSC.


Sanctions to an Event Organizer is proposed by the Sport Department to the IFSC Executive Board following a breach in the EOH and a report from the Technical Delegate. 

The basic list of possible sanction is available here

At its discretion, the IFSC Executive Board can call the Disciplinary commission to adapt the sanction to the case.