14. Broadcasting and IFSC production team

The IFSC is the sole owner of broadcasting (TV and digital) rights relating to all IFSC Events. 

Management of the Broadcasters is detailed here

Where there is no IFSC deal in place, both the IFSC and the Event Organiser will be allowed to discuss deals (live or delayed content) with domestic broadcasters, at a national level (Country where the event is organised). By domestic broadcasters, we refer to domestic TV and digital platforms. However, the following conditions apply

  1. The IFSC will be involved at every stage of the negotiations and will sign the deal, in English.
  2. If any host broadcasting is present and approved, the IFSC shall be given free-of-charge access to the signal and isocam footage where available. Production shall be in HD and availability shall be international with no bias to local interest.
  3. Any digital platform contacted by the Event Organiser will be geoblocked to the domestic territory of the event. On a case by case basis, the IFSC may be offering wider distribution.

 At an international level, the IFSC is the owner of all rights for International TV distribution: 

  • The IFSC retains the right to produce its own signal or to access an Event Organiser broadcast signal, either as a live feed or delayed feed for broadcasting purposes and/or for distribution to its own broadcast sponsors, and/or for upload to IFSC platforms and/or IFSC clients’ platform.
  • The Event Organiser will ensure that the timing of each competition is respected in order to respect live web broadcasting/broadcasting programs.

The Event Organiser is entitled to a copy of the footage of the Event and to any clip of the Event, but no commercial exploitation of the footage, as a whole or in part, is allowed. The Event Organiser may be allowed to use the footage to produce its own clip but shall seek the agreement of the IFSC prior to it. This clip shall not be subject to any commercial use and shall be produced in the national language only. The IFSC retains all copyrights.

TV Rights Policy

The IFSC has released a TV Rights Policy in order to clarify the Broadcasters rights in terms of filming and use of IFSC footage.

IFSC Production team

The IFSC nominates a service provider for the filming and Broadcasting and/or Web Broadcasting of the event.The IFSC Video Production team is responsible for the LIVE streaming of events, the creation of replays, highlights and overviews as well as short features. Each LIVE broadcast and replay will show a short clip featuring footage of the host area or city. 

The IFSC will coordinate the provision of Broadcasting/Web Broadcasting services to the Event Organiser through its service provider for Live and delayed Streaming. The Event Organiser will provide free access to the IFSC's nominated provider as well as all reasonable assistance to ensure a professional coverage of all aspects of the competition.

The Event Organiser is required to provide some facilities and equipment to accommodate the IFSC provider, please check the IFSC Production Team requirements.

More details will be sent by Video production manager 2 months before the event (Info and Needs document).

The IFSC will manage the Broadcasting/Web Broadcasting in the interest of both parties, with the aim of promoting Sport Climbing and the Event. In this perspective, and if applicable, the Event Organiser will seek to embed the IFSC Live Webcasting to any appropriate web platform. The Event Organiser will seek agreement of the IFSC one month before the event at the latest. The IFSC will then advise protocol.