17. COVID-19

With respect to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Addendum to IFSC Rules, available on IFSC website, is integral part of this agreement and shall be respected by the Event Organiser. 

Under the circumstances where spectators are not authorised by the National authorities to attend the event, the event will be confirmed and the present contract between the parts remain valid. 

In case the Local Organiser (LOC) is not committed to run the event without the presence of spectators, it is responsibility of the hosting National Federation to find another suitable location to host the Event.  The IFSC reserve itself the right to approve or deny the alternative location.  The proposed change shall be submitted to the IFSC at least 3 months before the provisional date of the event. 

In case where the alternative location is approved by the IFSC, all the conditions stated in the present contract remains valid