15. Sustainability

IFSC has produced Sustainability Guidelines aiming to provide simple, practical and essential information on key aspects of sustainability for member federations and Event Organisers to be better able to navigate the complexities of this subject and develop effective sustainability programmes. 

We hope these guidelines will provide a valuable overview and reference point for this important topic. We also know that sustainability is a constantly evolving discipline, with new issues, challenges and opportunities always needing to be addressed. We therefore welcome feedback, comments and suggestions so that we can continually improve our guidance and ensure our material is as fresh, relevant and accurate as possible. 

The IOC’s official definition of sustainability is that, when making decisions, we ensure feasibility, and we seek to maximise positive impact and minimise negative impact in the social, economic and environmental spheres. Each of us can participate in making the world a better place through sport.

At the end of 2021 season of Events, the IFSC shall reward organisers who have incorporated sustainable considerations throughout all levels of their event strategy.