9. Logistic and other services

The Event Organizer is responsible to assure the implementation of the following services to the athletes and the National Team.



It is the responsibility of the Event Organizer to provide a letter of invitation and any other documents necessary to enter the national territory to all the team members and IFSC staff. The Event Organiser shall ensure that all documents are sent at least 3 months before the event.

The Event Organizer shall provide this service at no other cost for the Team as the one required by the national administration.


Accommodation for Team

The Event Organizer is required to provide the Teams with a list of hotels of different standards in the close proximity to the venue.

In case no convenient hotel can be found, the Event Organizer shall organise transportation service at all hours to / from the venue to main hotels used by the Teams.


Air Travel

In case the host city requires more than 15 hours flight time for more than 50 % of the possible participating teams, the Event Organizer shall enter into discussion with airlines in order to provide Teams with convenient offers in term of price and itinerary flight ticket.


Local Transportation

Assistance in local transportation is recommended, either via agreement with the local authorities or a shuttle service proposed to the Teams. The Event Organiser might be required to provide airport pick-up and drop off to team members and IFSC representative.



The Event Organizer shall ensure, and provide evidence to the IFSC several months before the Event that the insurance cover for the event is in compliance with all international and national regulations regarding sport events.


Accreditation System

For all the personnel attending the Event the Event Organiser shall implement the IFSC accreditation system.  Printing of all badges is responsibility of the Event Organiser. The table can be found here. The IFSC might require additional accreditation for IFSC members and VIPs, to be provided by the Event Organiser.

IFSC meetings and hospitality

The IFSC maintains the right to use the event for meetings and/or representation. In such case, the Event Organiser is responsible to provide an appropriate room to the IFSC.

CAC – Climbers Against Cancer

The IFSC strongly support the running of initiative and workshop between the Event Organisers and the CAC organisation, during the IFSC events.