4. Sport Equipment & route setting

The IFSC goal is to ensure a fair and high-quality environment for the IFSC events. For this reason, the IFSC launched the Official Sport Equipment project. All the information are available on IFSC website. The Sport Equipment project establishes the authorised brands and products for IFSC events.

The regulation is different depending to each sport climbing discipline. The Event Organiser is responsible to provide all sport equipment items necessary to run a sport climbing competition. For the Sport Equipment items that are not regulated by IFSC policies, it is responsibility of the Event Organiser to make sure that they comply with highest standard of safety and quality. 


The Event Organiser of Speed IFSC events shall refer to the IFSC website - speed section. The Event Organiser shall follow all specifications in order to validate the Speed sport equipment for World Record purposes. 

Boulder and Lead

The event organiser of Boulder and Lead IFSC events shall refer to the catalogue of Holds, Macros and Volumes available on IFSC website

Starting from the 2021 season of IFSC events, only the brands listed into the Official Sport Equipment – Catalogue Holds, Macros and Volumes are allowed on the Field of Play. 

The specific requirements related to climbing walls are described into the Climbing Wall Requirements.

Route Setting

Route Setting is a fundamental aspect of sport climbing competitions. Event Organiser shall comply with the requirements specify in the Routesetting Checklist.