8. Ceremonies

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony for IFSC Events are not mandatory. However, if any, the formal Ceremonies should be held without an entertainment component. If the event organiser decides to host an opening Ceremony, all the IOC flags of the attending Countries must be displayed. 

Award Ceremony

Awarding ceremony must be provided as a formal conclusion of the IFSC Events.The Award Ceremony shall comply with the IFSC protocol available here

Paraclimbing ceremony 

Please note that Paraclimbing awarding ceremony shall be conducted respecting the different disabilities of the athletes. Podium should be designed with accessible platform (i.e. using ramps) and respecting the protocol designed by the International Paralympic Commitee. 

Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony is not compulsory for IFSC events. If any, the Closing Ceremony normally will take place immediately after the Medal Awarding Ceremony. The following people in the following order normally give speeches: 

The IFSC President or his representative 

The Mayor or Head of the City where the event is held

The President of the Organising Federation

Social Events 

The Event Organiser should require approval of the IFSC in order to run any social/sport/cultural or entertainment events that are connected with the IFSC competition.