1. Introduction


The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is the world governing body for all aspects of international competition climbing. The IFSC is recognized by the IOC, is member of ARISF, Sport Accord and IWGA.

The principal purposes of the IFSC are the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of the sport of competition climbing on a worldwide basis.

The IFSC's organizational structure is described in detail in the IFSC Statutes and IFSC By Laws.

All IFSC Events shall be organized and undertaken in accordance with the regulations and Rules governing such competitions that are described hereinafter. The IFSC is the sole rights holder regarding anything that is produced within the framework of IFSC events. Among others, it includes wall design, route design, visual ect.

Calendar of International Events

The IFSC shall ensure the IFSC Calendar is constantly displayed on its website or other free to access digital platform. The IFSC maintains the right to cancel an event and/or remove an event from the calendar under the conditions defined in the present document.

The IFSC has defined a specific period for the World Cups’ season and Championships as well as a limitation in the number of World Cups per disciplines. In addition, some rest periods between the World Cups and the Championships are imposed by the IFSC in to reduce the tiredness of the Athletes.

In any case the IFSC Executive Board has the final authority over the IFSC Events 

Event regulations publication

The IFSC shall ensure an Event Organizer Handbook (EOH, present document) or a similar document is published and up to date in order to serve as a reference for the Event Organizer during their preparation of an IFSC Event.

If the present document is the guide for the Event Organizers, the IFSC Rules is the reference for the Athletes participating to the IFSC Events.

As per the IFSC Statutes, the IFSC is the sole organization allowed to publish regulation for the IFSC Events.

The current version of the EOH applies for all the World Cups, and it's used as reference for the World Championships and Youth World Championships as well.

The IFSC reserve itself the rights to amend the EOH at its convenience, before the signature of the documents from both parts (IFSC + EO)

It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to:

a) Accept that the promotion, development and administration of the sport of international climbing competitions are under the governance of the IFSC.

b) Ensure that no financial or other agreement shall be entered into with an organisation (e.g. television and/or digital media, competition sponsors, local organising body, etc.) which conflicts with IFSC's own agreements without first obtaining the written approval of the IFSC.

c) Seek at all times the advice and agreement of the IFSC in respect to any decision that may conflict with the best interest of the sport.

d) Make sure not to use any other denomination, identification, or graphic combination than the one approved by the IFSC. Any modification or addition, presented in any official document, (including advertising) is subject to IFSC written authorisation.

e) Report on all official documents the logo of the IFSC and the IFSC partners, with the four letters “IFSC”, including documents such as result sheets and press releases

f) Ensure security service to Teams and Officials in order to prevent them as much as possible from any external threat due to the host country situation or geopolitical situation pertaining to the country of registered Team(s) or Official(s). This is also valid for participating audience to the Event. 

The IFSC reserves itself the right to impose security procedures, at the Event Organiser expenses, or cancel partly or totally the Event if the provisions listed above is not judged sufficiently respected