16. Fees

Hosting an IFSC Event implies the payment of Fees. The amount of IFSC Service Fees for the Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships is fixed to 70 000€ 

The IFSC Sport Department remain at your disposal for any advice on the budget preparation.

Unless specific notice, the Event Organizer agrees to pay to the IFSC the applicable fees within 30 days of receipt of invoice for all Event Fees.

Late payments after the thirty (30) day period shall be subject to 6% penalty until full payment is received.

Any additional services or special services requested by the Event Organizer for its own purposes will result in costs being borne by the Event Organizer.

The Event Organiser is required to provide the IFSC with a detailed provisional budget of the event while signing the EOH, as well as an approved financial report after the event.