2. World Cups

It is the responsibility of the IFSC, as world governing body for all aspects of international competition climbing to manage the administrative tasks pertaining to the coordination of the IFSC Event. 

World Cup Calendar

The World Cup has specific period defined for each of it the disciplines.

  • Season for Bouldering comprises April, May, June and July
  • Season for Lead comprises July, August, September, October 
  • Season for Speed comprises April, May, June, July, August, September, October

The maximum number of World Cups per disciplines is defined in the IFSC Rules. In addition, the following calendar principles shall be respected in order to respect the Athletes' rest: 

  • No more than 3 World Cups in a row and a minimum of 15 days between transcontinental travels.

Event Application

The IFSC is the responsible body with regards to the IFSC Calendar. These responsibilities comprise:

  • To open the candidatures for the seasons of IFSC World Cups.
  • To collect and review the candidatures sent by National Federations
  • To confirm and accept the events on the IFSC calendar

Non-respect of the deadlines and requirements mentioned within this document can lead to event cancellation by the IFSC, at any time. Acceptation of events on the IFSC calendar cannot happen if the National Federation has outstanding debts with the IFSC

Global Timeline

The Global timeline is the fundamental document which clarifies the division of responsibility between IFSC and EO, during the preparation of a World Cup. The timing of the different steps is also expressed, as well as a short description of the duties.