Back of the House (BOH)

Back of the House (BOH)

The Back of the House consist of all the technical areas for preparation, storage room and offices for involved parties such as:

  • Isolation zone: a restricted area for the Athletes and Team Officials to warm up and prepare for the competition rounds. It may be localized out of the Venue event and should consist of a general area for relaxation and refreshment and an area that includes a warming-up wall. This zone is not in view of the audience and exit to the transit zone. No medias, exception for the IFSC Official Photographer and IFSC TV Crew, are allowed to enter in Isolation when athletes are in
  • Office for the IFSC Officials
  • Office for IFSC representatives (i.e. President, Staff)
  • Medical and Anti-doping rooms for activities and personnel
  • Route Setters storage room, whose access shall be managed by the Route Setting team and with large storage possibility
  • EO Office
  • Parking lot for IFSC production team trailer
  • Parking lot for the SNG truck, not more than 50 m. away from the IFSC Production team office.

Access to the BOH shall be restricted to authorized personnel.

BOH design shall be sent to the IFSC for approval (refer global timeline). Designing files shall be sent in SketchUp format.

To read the complete description of this area click here