Front of House (FOH)

The Front of House is the part of the Venue that is open to public; it is included but not limited to:

  • Media Area
  • Audience Area
  • IFSC Production team Area

Please click here to access a complete description of the Front of House.

Media Areas

To provide media representatives with the best working conditions, the following facilities are required:

  • Press Office
  • Mixed Zone
  • Media Corridor
  • Reserved Audience Area
  • Elevated area

Audience Area

The Audience Area shall be established in agreement with national and international Health & Safety regulations. Audience Area shall foresee a dedicated access path for disabled people.

The audience area shall include the following areas:

  • General Audience Area
  • Climber and Teams Area (different than Team Officials zone, and for non-participating Athletes and Team Officials) 
  • VIP Area and IFSC reserved Area


  • A sound system used for a speaker to address audience and to play entertaining music and a video screen system.
  • A Light system to emphasise the climbing performance and adequate for the TV production.
  • Gobos projection for light animation on the climbing wall

The Event Organiser shall ensure that a video screen of a sufficient size for the venue audience showing both the progress of each athlete and the current ranking of the leading athlete is installed for the duration of the competition. The IFSC will provide the software that will ensure the displaying of all the above-mentioned information. When live images are shown on a Video-board during the event, the EO will provide two screens: 

  • One for the result (Scoreboard)
  • One for the images (Video - board)

The Event Organiser shall ensure that the light system is adequate for the show and for the broadcasting production. IFSC strongly suggest to use at least 2 spotlights per wall and to avoid using of colorize lights during the performance of athletes. Bright white colour lights on the wall is suggested, black lights can instead be used for different levels of contrast.

In case the Event Organiser would like to use gobo projection, logos shall be displayed before or after but not during competition. If a gobo projection includes sponsors logos, it shall be agreed and communicated to the IFSC at least 2 months in advance.

The Event Organiser is resposible to comply with the National regulation, with regards to the audience and the organisation of the event. The Event Organiser shall also be responsible to communicate to the audience (by visible signs, announcement by the local speaker, communication on EO website or written on tickets) the following information:

  • Filming of the competition is prohibited
  • Spectators with filming equipment are not allowed to access the competition venue.
  • Only accredited medias are allowed to access the venue with professional photographic or filming equipment.

IFSC is committed to providing a safe environment for the Athletes who are competing in his events. Part of this commitment is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect Athletes, especially minor age 18 Athletes, from the inappropriate use of their images in resource and media publications, on the internet and elsewhere.

Use of Photographic equipment at IFSC events

There are differentiation made in professional and personal equipment use:

  • Personal Equipment: Mobile phones cameras, basic point and digital SLR cameras
  • Professional equipment: Digital Cameras, large SLR cameras with tripods and different lenses and/or material for the on-site editing of shoot.

IFSC production team area

The EO shall provide a space for the IFSC video production team. The space shall be large enough for 4 desks, 6 screens and additional equipment. The desk should be no further than 15 meters from the wall, and it shall be placed in a restricted access zone. The webcasting crew need to have the timer directly linked with the production table. Please note that platforms need to be arranged, in order to place the cameras of the webcasting crew. In case of outdoor events, a warm and dry sheltered area should be provided in order to protect the equipment from the weather elements (e.g. rain) and to allow the crew to be warm while editing and uploading files. The EO shall provide to the IFSC Webcasting Crew a secure and locked space to store equipment during the days of the Event. The EO shall also provide also a space for the commentators. The space shall have a good view on the FOP and shall be separate from the Audience Area.

For the complete description of the TV crew equipment, please check the IFSC production team requirements. Electricity system sufficient to accommodate all the above + back-up electrical power source should be provided. A UPS back-up (900 watts) have to be provide for oversea event (China, Japan, USA).

Internet connection: the webcasting connection shall be independent from the other and be effective from 24 hours before the event to 10 hours after the event.