Media Management

Media Accreditation

If CFR is aware of any filming request from domestic broadcasters, CFR shall inform the IFSC before any host broadcasting deal is signed. IFSC will make its best to find a solution with this regard

Online Media Accreditation Form

To be granted a media accreditation at an IFSC event, all media representatives must go through the online registration form, available here.

The Event Organizer is responsible for providing the different types of badges as determined by the IFSC media list. Click here to see the chart and the association between the different types of accreditation and the accessible areas. Any failure to comply with the Accreditation Chart will result in the withdrawal of the accreditation.

Media representatives cannot be granted any other type of accreditation, such as Team Officials, and vice-versa. The Technical Delegate has the right to withdraw both accreditations in case this rule is not respected.

Code of Conduct

All media, especially photographers and tv crews, must comply with the IFSC Codes of Conduct. The Codes of Conduct have been written to guarantee athletes and officials with a safe and comfortable environment to perform their role and take into account media and broadcasting rights. Please, check the IFSC Event Media Policy.

Media Representatives Expenses

In the event that a media representative from outside the host country wish to attend an IFSC event and request financial assistance, the burden is to be distributed and shared between the IFSC and the Event Organizer. Given that both parties see the benefit of hosting a media representative, both parties will make an effort to cover his or her expenses. In this situation, the IFSC will cover the travel costs between the representative’s country and the city that hosts the event, while the Event Organizer will cover the costs of accommodation, meals and other expenses on site. This agreement is valid for a maximum of three (3) media representatives per competition.

Press Jackets

All media representatives who have access to the Media Corridor must wear a distinctive and specific jacket. Different colours of jackets shall be made available for different groups of media representatives, according the rights that have been granted to them.

Journalists and media reporting on the event without having access to the Media Corridor are not required to wear the jacket.

Management of specific requests

The photographers and the broadcasters may only access the Media Corridor. Under no circumstances shall them or any other non-authorised personnel be allowed to enter the Field-Of-Play, unless previously authorised by the IFSC Technical Delegate.

Photographers and broadcasters are not allowed to operate from the top of the wall. However, if possible, the use of a cherry-picker or lift is permitted if properly secured, and the access to this elevated platform is restricted.

Access to the isolation area is strictly prohibited.

It is required to have volunteers managing the access to the different media areas during the whole competition. Such areas are reserved for media and cannot be used by any other personnel.

TV-rights policy

The IFSC released a TV-rights policy in order to clarify the broadcasters’ rights in terms of filming and usage of IFSC footage. The policy is available here.