Other expenses

In addition to the IFSC fees, other budget items shall be considered for the event from the Event Organiser. These are listed below but comprises mostly:

  • All costs associated with organizing and running the Event
  • Anti - doping tests 
  • Hospitality cost for some IFSC officers


Hospitality expenses of IFSC Officers

The Event Organiser is responsible to provide free accommodation for the IFSC President, ensuring a three stars hotel minimum standard.

Anti - doping test 

Please check the anti-doping section. The Event Organiser is responsible to request and pay the anti-doping tests. In the specific case of speed world record, the Event Organiser is responsible to request and plan the additional tests for Speed. In case the world record is held, the expenses for the test will be borne by the IFSC.


Sanctions to an Event Organizer is proposed by the Sport Department to the IFSC Executive Board following a breach in the Event Organiser Handbook. At its discretion, the IFSC Executive Board can call the Disciplinary commission to adapt the sanction to the case.