The following document present in different section of the EOH shall be considered as Appendix: 

Name Type  Section of the EOH
IFSC Statutes  Link to IFSC website Introduction
IFSC rules Link to IFSC website Introduction - World Cups - Safety - Scoring 
Accreditation system  Pdf Logistic and various services - Media Management
Anti doping rules Link to IFSC website Logistic and various services
Awarding ceremony protocol Pdf Ceremonies
Awarding ceremony sequence  Excel file  Ceremonies
Awarding ceremony paraclimbing Excel file  Ceremonies
Back of House description Excel file  Back of House
Event Media Policy  Pdf Media Management - Broadcasting
Fees PdfFees
Front of House description Excel file  Front of House - Event Branding - Web Broadcasting
Event Branding  Pdf FOP - Sponsorship - Event Branding 
Field of Play description  Excel file  FOP
Global timeline Excel file  Various 
Human Resources Excel file  Human Resources 
Infosheet Link to IFSC website Infosheet and event program 
RS_checklist Pdf FOP - Sport Equipment
Sanctions Pdf Other expenses 
Climbing_wall_requirements  Pdf FOP
TV right policy  Pdf Media Management - Broadcasting 
Webcasting Manual  Pdf Front of House - Web Broadcasting
Any other reference to IFSC website  Links