Event Branding

2020 Graphic Charter

To support the Event Organiser in achieving consistent branding on Continental Qualifying events, the IFSC designed a specific 2020 Moscow Graphic Charter. 

The Event Organiser is responsible for the design and the printing of the graphic carter, according to the specific document. The Event Organiser must seek validation of the IFSC before proceeding with the printing of the different elements. 

Design and printing of the branded materials are according to the Global Timeline. It is responsibility of the Event Organiser to ensure the printing of the elements described into the Event Branding document, and to borne the costs associated to it. 

In case the Event Organiser wishes to print a limited amount of materials, he must seek IFSC validation about the mandatory elements to print.  

Additional Branding

Additional materials can be designed either by the IFSC or the Event Organiser and printed/displayed by the Event Organiser. These additional materials will be in line with the 2020 Event Branding, giving equal visibility to IFSC and Event Organiser partners. If not designed by the IFSC, these additional materials will be obligatorily sent to the IFSC for validation prior to the Event. No other documents than the ones validated by the IFSC can be used on the Event.

It is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to make sure that branded materials are produced on time and displayed properly. The design of the branded materials will be sent and validated by the IFSC prior to the Event, according to the Global Timeline.

Globally, the Event Organiser shall arrange the venue (meaning outside the FOP) to ensure an optimal visibility of the main stakeholders:

  • the IFSC
  • the Event Organiser
  • the IFSC sponsors
  • the Event Organiser’s sponsors
Special attention will be given to:
  • Entrance/lobby
  • Welcome desk
  • Hospitality zone
  • Press office
  • Access to the FOP

Event Logo

The IFSC provides an Event logo for the Continental Championships, to be used on all the promotional materials.

In order to develop an eco-friendly behavior and reduce costs, the Event Organiser may request to use the Event Logo without the date. In such case, the Event Organiser will seek the agreement of the IFSC.

Event Name

The Event will use the same wording: “IFSC Climbing European Championships" – "Discipline(s)" “City” Year”. 

Promotion on Video Board

During each round of competition (approx. 5 minutes before the competition starts until the ceremony podium), the IFSC webcast will be displayed on the Video Board. Outside the rounds of competition, the Event Organiser should display the following content (but not limited to): 

  • Footage of the event (replays, slow motion, interviews…)
  • IFSC logo
  • Event Organiser logo
  • Event Logo
  • IFSC sponsors ads - maximal length: 30 seconds per sponsor
  • Event Organiser’s sponsors ads - maximal length: 30 seconds per sponsor
  • IFSC institutional videos
  • Event Organiser’s institutional videos

An additional screen (Score Board) should show the current ranking of the Event. Please check the section Front of House for more details