The Event Organiser will provide scoring software as well as a live result system. Event Organiser shall make sure National judges are experienced enough to handle live result system devices. It is responsibility of the Event Organiser to provide a dedicated internet connection to the judges to manage the results during competition.

The official result service is the IFSC result service. All results lists should be printed using the template provided by the IFSC scoring software; hand-written lists or sections of lists shall not be permitted.

Following the approval of the results for each round of the competition (including the final or super-final round), a complete copy of the Results shall be immediately issued to:

  • Jury President
  • IFSC Judge
  • IFSC Technical Delegate
  • The Official notice board
  • Press office
  • Public information display / operator

At the end of each round of the competition, the IFSC Judge shall provide and sign a provisional result list. This list shall be posted on the Official notice board. After the appeal time and after appeals have been dealt with, the official result list, signed by the IFSC Judge and the Jury President, shall be posted on the official notice board.

Before competition: 

The Chief Route Setter shall provide a topographical outline (“Topo”) for each route of the competition showing the position of each handhold and protection point on the route. These “topos” shall only be made available to the Jury President and the IFSC Judge.

The official time is provided by the Jury and placed at the jury table or other similar place in the FOP where Athletes can see it from the climbing wall. It is the responsibility of the Event Organizer to display it in a suitable place within the venue to ensure audience and teams information.

Registration system: 

The registration system will be manged by the IFSC, insuring the presence of the best athletes to the competition. Regulation about NFs quotas can be founded on IFSC Website, current rules. 

After competition:

The IFSC shall also make sure the results of the IFSC Events are displayed on its website, as soon as they are made available by the IFSC Result system or the result system of Event Organiser.