The Venue's facilities represent the following areas necessary for the good running of the event:

  • Field of Play (FOP) 
  • Back of the House (BOH)
  • Front of House (FOH)

The IFSC Technical Delegate is appointed by the IFSC and his authority falls on the all above areas. The IFSC Venue Delegate is supervising the general management of the Venue, including the FOP layout, BOH and FOH management.

Access to the above areas with the exception of the FOH shall be restricted to authorised persons.

The Venue shall also comprise side activities areas, such as promotion and commercial booths, restaurant and bars, sport initiation. Promotional and commercial activities inside the Venue shall be agreed in advance with the IFSC. Any other commercial activity in connection to an IFSC Climbing Event held outside the competition Venue (city centre, park, training gym) shall be communicated and agreed at least 2 months in advance with the IFSC.

Such areas are out of the Technical Delegate’s authority unless they impact the good running of the event.

The Event Organiser shall provide the venue and the facilities in accordance with the National and International regulations on Health and Safety governing these facilities.

Objective of these areas are described on their specific sections.